Keeping Bugs Out of Your Code

Rare bug I just finished the Parasoft webinar on how to use a development testing platform to do error prevention – I.E. keep bugs out of your code. It’s titled Keeping Bugs Out of Your Code: Why You Need a Development Testing Platform


The surest way to prevent bugs from digging into your code is to design and implement policies that target security and performance. Prevention and policy go hand in hand when it comes to reducing risks associated with complex development processes, such as:

  • Recurring Security Problems
  • Unexpected Behavior
  • Poor Quality

In this webinar, you’ll learn how a Development Testing Platform helps organizations consistently and continuously apply development testing activities that beef up application security, maximize performance, and prevent bugs from infiltrating your code.

I’ve got the slides below, as well as audio in mp3. If you want the whole thing all recorded together you can get it from GoToMeeting.

Download (PDF, 4.13MB)

MP3 Audio (4 MB)

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