The Code Curmudgeon likes to keep up to date on the latest trends in software development, IoT, cybersecurity, and the tech industry in general. Plus he loves to rant.

Just in case you don’t get it: The views expressed are solely those of the blog post author and should not be attributed to anyone else, meaning they do not necessarily represent the views of any organization that the post author is affiliated with or with the views of any other author who publishes on this blog, or possibly any other person on the planet, including me.

I have my Code Curmudgeon YouTube channel where I post videos about interesting software development and cybersecurity issues, including a weekly video on Fridays called “This Week in Cybersecurity“.

My “day job” is Evangelist at Parasoft where I work on various software issues and tools to help people interested in “Automated Software Testing”. Out philosophy is you should build quality and security into your software, because you certainly can’t test them in. If you want/need things like static code analysis, unit test, performance test, functional test, service virtualization, API test, appsec, swsec then take a peek at what I’m doing there.

I have created a list of other articles, workshops, etc. that I’ve written or been interviewed or quoted. Some of it is pretty old, but you might find it interesting.

If you’re a person who lives inside Facebook, you can follow me on Facebook, and I’ve also added a Facebook page for the IoT Hall-of-Shame. And I’m on Twitter of course. I’ve got a couple of videos up on YouTube. If you want to see my hobby – I take a lot of photos, mostly in infrared. You can see them on BacksideOfBlue Instagram as well as some video I shot on YouTube.

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