Putting the Pop in Culture

If the culture doesn’t pop, is it pop culture? This is one of those odd late Friday ramblings I have from time to time. A friend (you know who you are) and I were discussion Pop Culture. He mentioned how fun it is to just lob out an odd reference in a conversation, like comparing something to the weight of a swallow. Which is true and it’s great fun when someone picks right up, for this example by giving the obvious response of “African or European?”

And my friend noted that when someone doesn’t get the joke, then pop culture references aren’t as much fun. And this got me to thinking “What IS pop culture anyway?” Because it’s just one of the funny labels. Pop culture is supposed to be the glue of common experience that people should share from reference to common experiences. That’s what (IMO) gives it the “pop”.

So… if someone doesn’t get your pop culture reference, then there is no fun, and no pop. So was it then actually pop culture? Or to put it another way, if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around does it make a sound?

Does your head hurt now? Have a great day!

P.S. To my pop culture friend… I now know exactly how often you check my blog.

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