Things I Think About

Sometimes I think about funny things. The software development industry has plenty of oddities to leave you scratching your head. Here’s a few things I think about.

Shift left – it’s a thing. And people are constantly verbing it. I can’t hear the ver forms without thinking… is it shifting left? or left shifting? or shift lefting? I like the last one best.

And speaking of left, where IS left anyway? What does it mean to you? I have a friend whose left is left of my left and for him I’m right of his left and to get to where I am he’d have to shift right to meet my shift left.

And I really, no fooling, recently heard someone talk about shifting right. Is that a thing now? Is it a good idea? It gives me the heebie jeebies.

People say that DevOps is a confusing term, and now some are trying to embed security into it – how does that work? DevSecOps? SecDevOps? DevOpsSec? If we’re being honest, it’s probably the latter.

And when you have a problem in software, what is it called? Is it a bug? A defect? An Error?

Send me your thoughts. What funny things do you think about?

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