Internet of Things (IoT) Hall-of-Shame

A collage of various devices that not only can be hacked, but already have been.

A collage of various devices that not only can be hacked, but already have been.

As I’ve said before, the “Internet of Things” aka IoT has become the internet of hacks. More and more devices are being internet enabled, but security on the devices isn’t keeping up. Some vulnerabilities are difficult, but many of those that have been in the news seem to have been more from either lack of training or simply not prioritizing software security.

In the grand tradition of my SQLi Hall-of-Shame, I’ve decided to start creating a list of IoT hacks that have hit the press. The list is small but will surely grow. Please let me know if you’re aware of publicized hacks on IoT devices. If this doesn’t scare you then you’re not thinking about it enough. You should be running screaming to empty your bank account, buy an old pre-70s car, and smash your phones, thermostats, and other electronic devices.

I know the answer to this isn’t easy, but I’m hoping that at least you’ll spend more time thinking about it than you have. So take a look, and let me know in the comments, twitter, email, etc. when you hear about new ones I haven’t covered. You can view it at the IoT Hall-of-Shame.

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