Webinar: Getting ROI from Static Analysis

Unlock the value Next week I’m doing a static analysis webinar for Parasoft about “Getting More FOI from Static Analysis” on Tuesday October 15th at 10:00 AM Pacific. What I’ve been seeing is that a lot of people either don’t know how to determine the value they’re getting from static code analysis, or aren’t actually getting the value they need.
I’ll talk about some ways to make sure that you can maximize the value as well as measure it. It’s 30 minutes and free as always. Join us



A lack of time, resources, or training often makes getting beyond basic static analysis implementations difficult. Development managers and stakeholders may not even realize that their current static analysis configurations are leaving a wealth of untapped risk-reducing options on the table, which may lead to abandoning the critical software quality practice.

In this webinar, Parasoft Static Analysis Expert Arthur Hicken will discuss tips and tricks for getting more value from your static analysis. Drawing from his 20+ years of field experience, Arthur aka CodeCurmudgeon will offer advice on using policy to connect static analysis to your business needs at the process level, which ensures that you get a better return on your static code analysis investment, while avoiding common pitfalls.

[Update – even if you missed this webinar you can still watch the recording by going to the registration link.]

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