Cloud Migration Webinar

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Tomorrow (Wednesday December 5, 2012 at 1PM EST / 10AM PST) SD Times is hosting a webinar that I’m participating in for Parasoft. The topic is “Migrating Applications to the Cloud – Prevent the Most Common Reasons for Failure”.

As always, attendance is free, you can sign-up at: SD Times Signup

While I don’t usually explain why I chose the silly pictures I sometimes choose for my blog, I think this one is relevant. One of the topics we’ll cover is how much you want to drag your baggage with you on your way to the cloud. If you’ve been puzzling over that, you’ll want to attend.

Hope you can make it! For those who miss it, sign up anyway to view the recording afterward at a time convenient to you.

If there are any topics you’d like to have covered, please let me know via twitter or the comments below.

Cloud Migration Webinar Overview

Are you planning on migrating existing applications to the cloud? Stop, take a deep breath, and consider that you are about to try to go off-roading with a Toyota Prius.

Organizations that don’t take a long hard look at application architecture and code structure will be extremely disappointed at the results of deploying applications in private or public clouds. The expected business benefits of cost savings, scalability, and high-availability will inevitably fall short— with the blame targeted at the cloud rather than the application.

In this webinar, we’ll explore the challenges of migrating existing applications to a cloud infrastructure, then present proven strategies for mitigating the risks You’ll learn how to:

– Prioritize application migration
– Plan for “big-blocks”
– Assess your existing applications’ ‘fit’ for cloud
– Leverage a centralized development testing platform to align your business goals with coding decisions
– Create a cloud migration policy
– Use process to mitigate the risks associated with cloud migration

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