Congratulations to Parasoft Virtualize

congratulations © by Sean MacEntee

A big congratulations to Parasoft Virtualize for their Jolt award for the Virtualize product. As an initial disclaimer and reminder, I do work for Parasoft. With that in mind, I’d like to say a few things.

First, Parasoft has a pretty good history of getting Jolt awards. It’s one of the things I like about the job – constantly pushing the envelope for software development tools. I was looking in the cabinet downstairs and saw the award from Advanced Systems magazine in 1994 for Insure++ (then called Insight++) and remembered with pride how it showed that our runtime error detection constantly finds more bugs than other solutions, such as Purify. That was quite a few years ago and now it’s Virtualize’s turn.

Virtualize is a really cool product if you haven’t taken a look at it. But let me tell you in Dr Dobb’s words:

You need to test against a mainframe, five databases, and invoke nine services from your intranet. But these are all part of your production environment, and you have to wait weeks, or months, before you can get your app into yet another massive, integrated release. Isn’t there a better way?

Parasoft’s Virtualize and its Environment Manager can be your answer. Virtualize is a test tool that builds on Parasoft’s 25 years of experience in automated software testing. With Virtualize, your development and test teams can create complete virtual environments for testing applications against data sources and data sinks of almost any kind. Developers can create virtual components and develop against these interfaces until the real components are available.

But feel free to click through and read the rest of the comments. As Gary Evans from Dr Dobb’s puts it, “The possibilities are stunning.” For more about the award, checkout the Parasoft ALM blog.

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