An Apple a Day

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I was sad to hear yesterday about the passing of Steve Jobs. He was a man with a vision and a dream and he certainly changed the way regular people interact with their computers. I’m sure Apple (AAPL) will survive, but he will be missed.

Thinking back about my own experience with Apple, I recall the initially painful move from the Microsoft (MSFT) Windows world. It can be a bit shocking at first if you;’re not prepared.

As people start to buy iPhones and iPads there is a migration occurring, not just in phones but it leads to buying a Mac for your next computer. A diaspora if you will from the Microsoft hegemony. Since I’ve been using Macs for about 10 years, people frequently ask me about making the move. I thought it might be helpful to encapsulate some of the questions and answers here.

Hopefully the list will help you out. If you have other things you think should be there let me know. In the near future I’ll be covering apps for iPad/iPhone.

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